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  • Contains 30% recycled content
  • Coex white outer with black inner
  • 50 micron recyclable LDPE
  • Double peel and seal strip with easy tear opening
  • Heavy duty construction for durability

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What is a returnable mailer?

This strong polythene mailing bag has been specifically designed to smooth an ecommerce returns process. The main component that facilitates this is the double peel and seal strip with easy tear opening. These elements allow the recipient to firstly, easily open their package without excessively tearing the bag and secondly, seal it for a second time for the goods to be securely returned. These qualities make it an excellent low-cost packaging product with considerable benefits for both the retailer and the customer.

What are the features of the LDPE returnable postal bags?

These polythene mailing pouches arrive flat-packed with flat seams to tightly encase slim products such as clothing, minimizing movement in a bag. This construction helps items to arrive in the same neat and pristine fashion that they were packaged in for a satisfying opening experience. The exterior is white and the interior is black; this Coex manufacture grants a high level of strength to give the mailing packet the amount of durability needed for the minimum of two postal journeys.

Are the polythene postal bags environmentally friendly?

Sustainability is interwoven into the material of these mailers thanks to the 30% recycled content in their manufacture. This carefully balances the strength of virgin materials with the circular economy that is supported through the inclusion of recycled plastic. LDPE is also accepted for recycling in many areas, encouraging your customers to put the polythene back into the system for reuse in the future. Consequently, your business can reap the practical rewards of using an economic, lightweight plastic that brings down postal fees without the environmental guilt. Furthermore, by being able to be made very thin while still providing good strength, more parcels can be transported in a vehicle when using this material, hence reducing an overall carbon footprint.

What can returnable polythene mailers be used for?

Returnable mailing sacks are very popular with high volume ecommerce operations due to the regularity at which items are returned in todays market and the ease at which consumers want to return their goods. Repeat sales often depend on the security of an easy return and a large portion of modern online shoppers will check a returns policy before placing an order. As a result, having ready-to-post mailing bags provided with the order is a significant appeal for new and existing customers.

The importance of offering a user-friendly return procedure is emphasized for clothing retailers where size and style are best determined when the garments are tried on at home. However, homeware, gifts, jewellery and other industries will also encounter a demand for simple returns due to the unavoidable differentiations in colour and image clarity across different devices. There will always be a degree of uncertainty when ordering online, therefore, returnable postal packaging grants the customer the confidence to complete a purchase safe in the knowledge that they can easily return the items to sender. It is reassuring to have a mailer readily supplied, removing any doubts that may arise in the customer’s mind regarding what is a suitable carrier for shipping and eliminating the stress of sourcing a carrier themselves.