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  • Machine pallet wrap produced from sugar cane
  • Sustainable solution and ideal alternative to standard stretch films
  • Produced from 50% renewable resources and 100% recyclable
  • Clear in colour, 17 micron film

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Sugar cane based bio film

Designed to secure items on to a pallet our range of bio-based machine stretch film is the perfect sustainable solution to machine wrap your pallets. Clear in colour our 17-micron film with 250% elongation is extremely strong and durable and features all the same qualities and benefits as alternatives but has one major difference, it is produced from sugar cane the greenest material on the market.

Will the quality be different to standard oil derived pallet wrap?

The perfect sustainable alternative to our standard high-performance stretch. Produced from 50% renewable resources and 100% recyclable in the same channels as oil-based polythene, it consists of all the same properties as our oil derived high performance stretch film but with added green credentials, therefore ensuring that you do not compromise on quality but can however reduce your carbon footprint.

What is sugar cane?

Sugar cane is a bio-based material that belongs to the grass family and is a naturally grown raw material. Along with a range of other benefits such as capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, sugar canes properties enable it to produce ethanol via a fermentation process, which involves crushing the stalks to extract sugar-rich cane juice beforehand. Therefore, fossil fuel-based polythene is not required, which will prevent emissions from going into the environment.

Why use sugar cane?

Using sugar cane rather than oil has many benefits. As it grows sugar cane absorbs carbon gas from the air therefore taking it out of the atmosphere rather than emitting it and due to it being 100% recyclable, it can be fed back into the recycling stream. There are alternatives such as OXY or Biodegradable that cannot be recycled and simply just degrade into small pieces which eventually could lead to them becoming banned in Europe within coming years. Sugar cane discourages the use of fossil fuels and is grown on reclaimed land, therefore having no impact on the rainforest.

How do I recycle it?

Recycle as you would any other recyclable product, it can then be put back into the recycling process and re-used.

Whether you are looking to make your business more environmentally friendly or if you have customers requesting to receive stock in an alternative sustainable package, then this is the ideal solution.

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pallet wrap
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pallet wrap
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pallet wrap
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