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  • Most economic paper void fill on the market
  • One roll of Hivefill is equivalent to four bags of loose fill
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • Sustainably sourced paper cushioning
  • Space saving expandable hive shaped cells
  • Bench clamp dispenser for efficient usage
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    What is Hivefill?

    Comprising of the same unique honeycomb structure as our bestselling Hivewrap, Hivefill is an innovative void fill packaging product designed to occupy empty spaces within a box. This prevents internal movement, reducing the chance of impacts or collisions occurring that could damage a product. Complete with a dispenser specially designed for ease of use with Hive paper, the complete solution allows a user to rapidly protect an item while keeping costs and environmental impact low. Choose from either a natural brown colour or a pure white to complement your specific products or industry; brown reflects eco-consciousness while white represents perfect hygiene for beauty products, for example. Rolls are supplied in sizes of 400mm x 250m or 500mm x 250m.

    Is Hivefill paper eco-friendly?

    Hivefill acts as a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging such as polystyrene loose fill chips or bubble wrap. The interlocking hive cells also eliminate the need for any tape or glue to adhere the pieces together, ensuring that your parcel is plastic-free while enabling you to quickly scrunch and stuff the paper into a box. By gripping onto itself, it can remain compact to provide a dependable level of cushioning.

    The paper itself is sustainably sourced, and can be responsibly disposed of after use. Hivefill is biodegradable and recyclable, meaning that a customer can confidently put it out for local collection. In the growing culture of environmental awareness, the ability to easily recycle the packaging an order arrives in is of mounting importance in terms of overall customer satisfaction. Establish an eco-friendly packaging practice now for long-term brand loyalty; demand for sustainable solutions is only set to increase over time.

    How do I use this paper void fill?

    By using the dispenser and Hive rolls in partnership, a packaging process is made extremely convenient and efficient for low to medium output businesses. For higher output businesses, our automated and semi-automated Speedman machines are apt choices for maximising packaging productivity. To set up the dispenser, you can make use of the included G-clamp to attach it to a bench or worktop. For a more permanent fixture, you could utilise the drill holes present at the base of the dispenser to fix the structure to a surface. The rolls of Hivefill are positioned on the vertical spindle where they can unravel smoothly as required and fed through the funnel. Once set up, the user can simply pull the Hivefill by hand and tear off the portion that they need.

    The dispenser will encourage the paper to expand forming the strong hexagonal structures that create so much protective resistance to knocks and bumps. The white or brown paper wrap is simultaneously packed together when pulled through the dispenser to form the durable cushioning layer. This expansion makes the most out of the material and explains the considerable cost saving using Hivefill has over other paper fill products. Take advantage of the paper’s impressive flexibility by moulding it around products or into corners to fill every empty space within the box such that the contents are prevented from moving around the carton. Interlock the cells as required to achieve your desired degree of cushioning.

    Why should I use Hivefill paper products?

    Almost any business that packs their items in cardboard boxes will benefit from a highly economic, effective and eco-conscious void fill product. The Hivefill is unique in its ability to fill a large amount of space within a package using only a small amount of paper. This is achieved thanks to the hexagon shaped cells that expand and interlock, creating a number of air pockets that increase the protective qualities of the packaging while resolutely holding space and offering shock absorption. Therefore, the packaging expresses excellent functionality. This is combined with great green credentials to satisfy any ethical marketplace. The partnership of these qualities gives you the perfect solution to any packaging operation that requires speed, effective protection, low costs and high sustainability.