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  • Easy to operate protective paper cutting system
  • Produces paper pads ideal for wrapping and protection
  • Cut to desired length with pre-set and manual options
  • Comes with a 1 spindle paper roll holder, foot pedal and operating tablet
  • Ideal for a range of industries and operations including retail and warehouse
  • Can only be purchased with our paper bubble wrap - minimum order quantities apply (see more product information)

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Vari Protect paper cutting machine

Our Vari Protect paper machine is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap and void fill and is ideal for layering, protecting and wrapping a wide range of products. Suited to pick & pack and despatch operations this machine feeds through a range of different papers such as paper bubble and Kraft paper with the option of doubling up for extra protection. This machine is designed for a sheet width of up to 800mm.

Easy to operate the Vari Protect enables efficient, simple cutting of paper in any desired length using a manual foot pedal or pre-set operating tablet. The speed in which the paper is released, the paper length and quantity can be pre-set with an operating panel that is provided, so when pressing the foot pedal after pre-setting the machine, only the length and amount of material required is released to prevent waste. The machine can also be used manually with a foot pedal, with the user pressing and releasing once they have achieved their desired length. It can be used with a range of paper with the option to double up if required. It can be placed onto or under a bench or surface and is equipped with a built-in safety sensor, meaning it does not run when material isn't present or when it has run out. The machine can also be stopped at any time by using the safety stop button located at the side. Setup is easy, simply load the paper onto the roll holder (included), insert the paper in between the two rollers and pull through enough to allow the sensor to detect. Whether pre-set or manual, press the foot pedal to begin the flow of paper. This machine is perfect for producing paper to wrap gifts, protect items, as void fill or layer pads. See our demonstration video below.

What's included?

Ordering this product, you will receive:

  • Vari Protect paper machine
  • Metal paper roll holder, (upgrades available)
  • Operating tablet for pre-set options
  • Foot pedal
  • Instruction manual

Minimum order quantities

Our Vari Protect paper cutting machine can only be purchased with our paper bubble wrap, a minimum order of rolls applies.

Paper bubble width Minimum order quantity per month
300mm 160 rolls
500mm 96 rolls
750mm 64 rolls

Video: Vari Protect paper machine
How to use our Vari Protect paper machine

Our Vari Protect paper machine can feed and cut a desired amount of paper quickly and effectively. Setup is easy, simply place paper between the two rollers at the back of the machine, lift the lid and pull enough through so that the sensor can detect paper. The Vari Protect can be used in two ways. The first allows the user to produce paper, using the foot pedal, as and when needed and at a desired length. The machine can also be pre-programmed using a tablet (included) that allows the user to set a specific length and amount. This is ideal for businesses where speed of packing is a priority. Users can double up their paper by slotting two rolls of material on the roll holder (included) and again feeding through the rollers. Ideal for gift wrapping.