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  • 400gsm solid board construction pillow box
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flat-pack delivery for convenient storage
  • Easy assembly with scored tabs
  • Ideal for jewellery, wedding favours and other small gifts
  • Curvature of faces enforces strength and durability

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Pillow boxes

What is a pillow box?

These small gift boxes arrive flat-packed and pop into shape to form attractive pillow structures. The curvature of the faces adds considerable strength to the already sturdy solid board construction, guaranteeing safe delivery for a range of goods. These solid board boxes can be used as packaging for individual items within a package or as a sturdy mailing box in its own right.

What are they used for?

The board boxes are popular choices for an array of luxury gifts or stylish items such as jewellery, sunglasses, perfumes or wedding favours. The unique model portrays a personal touch that small businesses gravitate toward while also boasting reliable strength. The sophisticated yet simple design creates robust forces that resist damage or denting during transit, keeping the contents in pristine condition.

Are they environmentally friendly?

The 400gsm solid board material is fully recyclable, yet the long-lasting durability of the postal boxes makes them ideal for reuse. Express excellent green credentials by encouraging your customers to reuse your pillow pouches as gift boxes or storage solutions, as well as offering easy recyclability. The natural hue immediately indicates the sustainability of the packaging to the customer, enhancing the social responsibility associated with your brand.

What are the physical properties?

Our recyclable mailing boxes arrive flat for convenient storage and space conservation, complete with scored tabs for easy assembly. Simply fold along the indicated lines for the pillow shape to instantly form, ready to be filled with your produce. The combination of these features allows the recyclable mailing boxes to integrate easily into an efficient logistics operation, enabling quick packing and minimal space usage. Each side adopts a curved alignment which creates tension and consequent durability that makes the boxes suitable for reliably transporting delicate, expensive packages.

What sizes are available?

Kite offer three different sizes to cater toward a large range of items: 162 x 114 x 35mm, 220 x 110 x 35mm and 229 x 162 x 35mm. These measurements refer to the internal usable space of the pillow boxes, therefore, it is important that the items you intend to package have smaller dimensions than the pouches you select to ensure a comfortable fit.

Video: Pillow boxes
A demonstration on our range of pillow boxes.