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  • Economical, non-corrosive desiccant of environmentally-friendly natural origin
  • Protects the quality and properties of products against moisture attacks
  • Considerable absorption capacity even at low humidity levels
  • Ideal for a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical, food, shipping, and electronics
  • A low cost alternative to silica gel
  • Click here to download clay desiccant safety sheet

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Clay desiccant

Kite’s clay desiccants are used as a dehumidifier to control moisture in contained environments including pharmaceutical, medical, food, electronic components and textiles. The range of sachet sizes suit many different requirements and as they come being ready-bagged, simply place them where required.

These natural mineral, economical desiccant sachets offer a greener alternative for moisture absorption. The montmorillonite clay inside is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and chemically inert making it a safer option for a range of products.

Clay is the most cost-effective of all desiccants and is particularly effective below 49 degrees and below 50% humidity, able to absorb up to 28% of its weight. Once above 49 degrees either silica gel or molecular sieve desiccant would be recommended.

For a well-sealed item we recommend:

  • 10 grams for every cubic foot of volume
  • 340 grams per cubic metre of volume
Environment Indicating silica gel Molecular sieve Clay Silica gel
Low humidity Fair Excellent Good Fair
High humidity Excellent Good Good Excellent
Low temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
High temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
Maximum temperature (degrees celcius) 104 232 49 104

Video: Clay desiccant
What is clay desiccant and how can it be used?

Our clay desiccant is made from natural, safe materials and offers a greener alternative for moisture absorption. Ideal for a range of industries including retail, pharmaceutical, food and more; simply place your product into the package along with a sachet or two. These sachets are designed to decrease moisture in contained environments; their properties absorb and hold water to eliminate damp and corrosion.