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  • Strong and effective desiccant for moisture adsorption and purification for a range of applications
  • Structured with small pores that remove present moisture, avoiding water-damage and corrosion to goods
  • Synthetically produced adsorption sachets
  • Performs well at low temperatures and more effectively at high temperatures than silica gel

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Molecular sieve desiccant

Our range of high-quality desiccants are a very effective option for removing water from liquids and gases and are able to absorb approximately 20% of their own weight in moisture. Molecular sieve desiccant is suitable for low and high moisture atmospheres, this makes them a popular option for both low and high-temperature applications across a range of industries. Ideal for removing water from cleaning fluids in ultrasonic baths, as a general dryer of liquids and natural gases and also an excellent absorber of carbon dioxide. Due to their high water and carbon dioxide capacity, they are commonly used in air pre-purification and also to absorb sulphur compounds. This desiccant is structured with small uniform-sized pores, allowing them to seep in pollutant particles that are present, leaving goods dry and corrosion free. The tiny pores work like any common sieve only on a much more precise level.

They differ from silica gel as they absorb water vapour more rapidly and will reduce water vapour to much lower levels, making them essential when a very dry product or atmosphere is required. Simply place necessary amount into a room or around the product where moisture control is required.

Environment Indicating silica gel Molecular sieve Clay Silica gel
Low humidity Fair Excellent Good Fair
High humidity Excellent Good Good Excellent
Low temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
High temperature Good Excellent Fair Good
Maximum temperature (degrees celcius) 104 232 49 104

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What is molecular sieve desiccant and how it can be used

Molecular sieve desiccant is a powerful and effective solution when keeping goods moisture and water-free. These sachets absorb any known moisture extremely well from items such as mechanical, electrial, glass and much more. Simply package your item and drop in as many sachets as needed. This absorbent is structured with small uniform-sized pores that remove all the pollutant particles that are present, leaving goods dry and corrosion free.