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Polypropylene Twine

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  • Strong synthetic polypropylene twine to secure packages, boxes, parcels and much more
  • Used widely in agriculture, building trade, mailing houses, craft industry, gardens, warehouses and for domestic uses
  • Tough, durable and easy to handle, 100% rot and shrink proof
  • Resistant to water, oil and abrasion making it ideal for a range of applications
  • Sold in single rolls/units, 4.5kg per roll


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Length Breaking Strain Price Per Unit Enter No.
Of Units
3150m 50kg £18.05 £16.85 £15.55 £14.87 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
2025m 78kg £15.89 £15.04 £13.58 £12.38 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
765m 205kg £15.89 £15.04 £13.58 £12.38 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

General purpose Polypropylene Twine from Kite is a tough and durable solution used in industries such as agriculture, farming, building, mailing, crafts, gardens, warehouses and much more. Sold in single rolls, it is manufactured from 100% virgin polymer and is white in colour. Virtually unbreakable, this twine can be used for a wide variety of applications from being tied around packages to ensure a strong bind to domestic DIY projects.

The longest roll at 3150m has a breaking strain of 50kg, ideal for lighter duty applications. Our medium duty twine at 2025m has a breaking strain of 78kg. Our shortest but strongest roll at 765m, 205kg is great for heavier duty applications. Each size roll is water, oil, rot and abrasion resistant, making it perfect for long term usage. Simply choose/unravel the amount desired, cut and apply.

Please note that product label refers to metres per kilogram, and not total metres on the roll. Each roll weights 4.5kg.

Video: Polypropylene Twine
A demonstration video showing our Polypropylene Twine

Twine is popular when bundling and bounding packages for a secure, tight closure. 100% rot and shrink proof, durable and long-lasting.