Bag neck tapes & dispensers

A bag neck sealing machine is a great investment for any individual or business that needs to securely seal a multitude of plastic bags each day. Not only is using one of these machines less fiddly than using bag clips or tying knots, bag neck sealers also work quickly to save you a significant amount of time.

Kite Packaging's bag neck sealer is a countertop model and is suitable for use within high street retail outlets such as bakeries, greengrocers, confectioners, butchers and scoop and weigh shops. In fact they are ideal for use in at any retail point of sale where quick and easy bag sealing is needed

We provide a number of different sealing tapes in various colours, suitable for use with the bag sealers found in our catalogue (these tapes can be used by hand, if preferred). In addition to these, we stock other packaging solutions such as heat sealers and tape dispensers. Be sure to stock up to benefit from our fantastic bulk buy discounts.