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  • Strong double sided nano, or 'magic' tape
  • Washable and reusable
  • Holds objects up to 1kg in weight
  • Incredibly versatile alternative to nails or hooks
  • Well suited to use within an office, warehouse or home

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What is double-sided nano tape?

Also known as ‘magic tape’, this strong double-sided adhesive tape is unique in its ability to hold objects up to 1kg while being transparent, lightweight and generally unobtrusive. This makes the tape an incredibly versatile product for decorating, DIY and general domestic use in addition to serving professional purposes within an office or a warehouse. The double-sided sticky tape can replace drilling and nailing with the added benefit of not inflicting any damage to the surface. The innovative magic tape is exceptionally economical by being washable and reusable if you choose to peel it off from its location, where it will easily remove without leaving any residue.

What can magic tape be used for?

This strong adhesive tape has earned its impressive title through being able to be used on almost any surface for a variety of purposes. Some examples of the applications include mounting, mending, storing or decorating though upon observing the tape in action, users will be inspired to be increasingly creative with its uses. The reliable double-sided sticky tape can adhere to walls, floors, doors, windows, cars and tables to hold a range of diverse objects in place for long or short term periods. 

In the office:

Magic tape can transform an office work space to be as ergonomic, comfortable and tidy as possible. Elevate wonky desks without inducing slipping or sliding by inserting a portion of tape underneath a table leg. If pens and pencils are cluttering up a workspace, simply stick a strip of two-sided nano tape on a desk partition to hang the stationery up when not in use. Calendars, posters, clocks and other decorative items can also be safely and securely attached to walls without the need for any holes from drilling.

At a packing station:

In an area designed for optimal efficiency, magic tape is the perfect orchestrator of a conveniently organised pack bench. Free up surface area by sticking items such as tapes, scissors or label dispensers next to or above the table space in a place most accessible for the individual user. The non-permanency of these fittings makes it easy to adapt the bench to changes in demand or function. As a result, small businesses will particularly benefit from the multi-purpose nature of the tool; if your pack bench doubles as a product image backdrop then the tape can facilitate this transformation by easily removing fittings and moving suspended objects or quickly tidying up the flat surface. 

In the home:

Hang up picture frames or mirrors without worrying about the potential damage to the wall, granting you full decorative freedom. Prevent rugs from slipping with a portion of tape on the carpet that, again, can be removed without leaving any residual stickiness. Should you want to watch a film or video call a friend while cooking your meal, you can stick your phone to virtually any surface with a small piece of our nano tape. By being clear and washable, this double-sided adhesive tape will not interfere with the sleek appearance of your house while granting unlimited flexibility.

How is magic tape reused?

In order to reuse the tape, simply peel it off its surface and wash the product with water before leaving it to naturally dry when it will regain its stickiness. From this point, both sides of the magic tape are now ready for reuse. This clever conservation of material makes the two-sided nano tape an eco-friendly and sustainable product designed to last, thus, far removed from traditional single-use plastic tapes. 

What are the technical specifications of Kite’s nano tape?

Our rolls of magic nano tape are 2mm in thickness and use 21gsm of adhesive on both sides. They are manufactured from a Nano-PU material and one roll has a length of 2.5m with a tape width of 24mm. One roll is weighted at 0.143kg while being able to hold a maximum weight of 1kg. The core size is 3 inches.

Video: Double sided nano tape
How to use our versatile nano tape: 

Our double sided nano tape has a variety of uses. Simply unroll, apply to your chosen surface and remove the protective film and adhere where needed.

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