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Speciality tapes

Speciality tapes

When it comes to packaging, there are a range of different requirements that are necessary within different industries and here at Kite we ensure we have a broad range available to customers. Speciality tapes are not like our ordinary packaging tapes, hence the name speciality. To meet the requirements of industries such as automotive, warehousing and factories, electronics, advertising and construction they have application-specific designs that enhance their capabilities, these include adhesion and material properties or any other features not commonly available in general varieties of adhesive tape.

Kite's range of speciality tapes includes masking tape which offers excellent resistance to water and solvents, making it great for outdoor use and decorating. Crossweave tape, high strength and high tack with great tear resistance. Duct tape, highly adhesive and water-resistant and bonds to virtually any surface. Hazard warning, or lane marking tape makes areas easily identifiable.