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  • Recyclable clear polythene garment bags and gusseted polypropylene garment covers on a roll
  • Popular within the wholesale and removals industry for protecting items during transit
  • Protect garments and fancy dress against environmental factors such as dirt and dust
  • Garment bags feature a self-adhesive seal strip and warning print
  • Garment covers on a roll with perforations, plain with no warning print

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Garment bags and covers

Gusseted garment covers on a roll

These clear polypropylene garment covers offer ideal protection for hanging clothing, especially for businesses in the dry cleaning industry as the covers have shaped shoulders and a centre hole specifically designed for coat hangers and are also a popular choice within the removals industry for protecting clothing during transit. These garment covers allow users to preserve garments and segment them from other garments in a secluded area, therefore providing great hygienic protection in close-knit environments such as a laundrette. These economical bags come on a roll which makes them a quick, convenient packing solution to use in practice.

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Garment bags

These clear polythene bags are commonly used within the e-commerce sector when sending out clothing and other products, by retailers to display items on the shop floor, and also used by wholesalers when transporting clothing items to retailers, to ensure the clothing is protected from dirt and dust and arrives in pristine condition. Each bag has safety perforations and is printed with a warning notice for users, and they also include a self-adhesive strip. These bags are ideal for a range of products including t-shirts, shirt and tie ensembles, trousers, skirts as well as other retail and wholesale goods such as toys. In retail, they are a particularly popular way of storing clothing as the plastic layer of protection keeps contents preserved, therefore making it a hygienic option for protecting clothing.

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See our range of garment bags, available as boxed singles and perforated on a roll

We stock two types of clear polythene garment protectors, garment bags: boxed in singles with peel-&-seal strip, and garment covers: provided on a perforated roll. Garment bags can be used for t-shirts, tops, jackets and more. Simply slide in your goods and seal to protect from dirt, liquids and other damage. Gusseted garment covers can be used for a variety of clothing, designed to keep garments from creasing and protects them from dirt/liquids. Provided on a roll, simply use the perforations to tear a new cover and slide in goods. Each cover allows for a hanger, perfect for suits, shirts and dresses.