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Packaging Machinery

Wrapping & strapping

We supply high quality packaging machinery to wrap, strap and seal consignments of all shapes and sizes. Our strapping machines are designed to quickly and securely strap single cartons or multiple items ready for shipping, saving you both time and manpower. Boasting a host of features such as four different wrapping styles, a semi automatic wrapping machine quickly and easily secures pallet loads enabling you to create safe, stable pallet loads every time.


Maximise output in a fast paced packing facility by investing in a carton sealing machine. Requiring a single operator, our box sealing machine can seal up to 30 cartons per minute, top and bottom. Easily adjustable to adapt to a range of case sizes, a case sealing machine applies a professional seal to each and every box.

We stock heat sealers in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all industries and requirements. Our range includes portable hand held sealers for sealing polythene bags and tubing, bench top heat sealers with cutters enabling you to create your own plastic bags and an industrial heat sealing machine for constant heavy duty sealing. If you require a sealing solution for industrial production needs then our range of continuous sealing systems are fit for exactly this type of purpose Visit our individual product pages for full technical information, demonstration videos and images.

Packing & cushioning

Creating your own packing and cushioning materials can save both money and valuable storage space. Cardboard shredding machines enable you to turn unwanted cardboard into a valuable packing material, whilst the revolutionary Mini Air system allows you to create your own bubble wrap style air cushions to wrap and protect fragile items. Our paper cushioning machines are market leading systems, deigned for high volume output our Paper Jet and Speedman ranges have a high reputation for quality and reliability.