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Handle With Care Double Wall Boxes

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  • Extra strong double wall corrugated cardboard boxes
  • 'FRAGILE Handle With Care' print on two sides
  • Clear message helps prevent damage, useful when goods are being handled by a number of parties in transit
  • No need to use separate care labels or printed 'fragile' tape
  • Ideal for items liable to damage
  • Sealed by taping down bottom and top flaps


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Our double wall 'Handle With Care' cardboard boxes are designed to be both strong and carry a clear message to handlers. There is no need to add separate labels (which can become unstuck) or printed tape to ensure your products are treated with care and attention.

Made from robust double walled corrugated cardboard, these strong packing boxes are useful for transporting fragile items that require careful handling. They make ideal removal boxes, or courier boxes where they might be handled by several people along the chain.

These 'Handle With Care' boxes ensure that those who handle the sealed package en-route are instructed to treat it with care.

Each carton is printed with the words 'FRAGILE Handle With Care' on two sides. This message is clearly visible and helps prevent items being stacked, crushed or thrown around without due care and attention.

They are all 150 Kraft/Test EB Flute and can be sealed by taping the top and bottom flaps (see our range of taping products).

Video: Handle With Care Boxes Demonstration Video
A demonstration of our double wall boxes with a Handle With Care print

Our Handle With Care boxes have a clear print on the side.

They arrive flat packed and are easily made up by taping the bottom flaps.

These strong boxes are made from double wall cardboard for maximum protection.

We recommend using our Mini Air cushions to wrap and cushion your items before placing them inside the box and sealing it. Extra cushions can be used to fill any voids.

Everyone handling the package is notified that it contains fragile contents.