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Carrier bags

What plastic makes carrier bags?

Many poly bags, including ours, are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material has a transparent appearance and is highly functional within a retail environment thanks to its combination of extreme light weight and impressive strength. This means that only a very thin amount of material needs to be used to manufacture a large amount of carrier bags. As a result, they are practical options for single-use packaging; costs are kept to a minimum plus as little energy and resource is used as possible in their manufacture.

Can plastic carrier bags be recycled?

Our polythene bags are widely recycled, although carrier bags made from different materials may vary and it can depend on local councils. 

The recyclability and conscious manufacture of our plastic carrier bags makes them environmentally aware, however, Kite also offer a selection of paper bags to suit those seeking a fully sustainable solution. 

What are the benefits of using paper over plastic bags?

Paper is a recognisably eco-friendly resource that tends to be either sourced sustainably or made from recycled content. At the end of its life, it is easily and cheaply recycled to be made into new products. This demonstrates a circular economy with sustainability built in at every stage of the process. Raw materials are conserved through the act of recycling while FSC certifications can attest to the responsible practices carried out when ethically sourcing the paper. Unlike with some plastics, the quality of the material is not compromised by being recycled. 

Customers are becoming increasingly intolerant of single-use plastic with the frequent circulation of images depicting wildlife stuck in packaging or the mass of waste accumulating at landfill sites. Therefore, adopting paper bags over plastic carriers sends a strong positive message of social responsibility to your customers. Abundant research is showing that the simple switch to plastic-free packaging can secure brand loyalty and repeat sales. A long-term commitment to being eco-friendly will pay dividends in the growth of your business and Kite’s retail paper bags provide an economic way of communicating this ethos to the public.

Furthermore, the high-quality paper used to manufacture our carrier bags grants the packaging suitable strength to hold an array of mid-weight items sold at supermarkets, high street shops or market stalls. Available as white or brown paper bags in a selection of sizes, these general use carriers can be smoothly integrated into any shop front operation, colour scheme or branding. 

What types of carrier bag can I choose from?

At Kite, we supply a range of retail carrier bags in either polyethylene or paper and an assortment of different sizes and shapes. 
Our perforated poly bags come on a roll for easy storage and quick access at the point of purchase. They feature a convenient loop handle.
Our tape handle bags are made from strong kraft paper in either white or brown. With a block bottom and expandable sides, this bag is a functional shape for flat-packed storage and generous internal space capacity. The 70gsm construction can support multiple items in a single-use capacity, enabling you to confidently stock up on whichever sizes best suit your products. 
The brown paper bags are highly economic products with a simple handle-less shape. The square block bottom allows the bag to be easily packed when resting on a shop counter while the gusseted sides increase the fillable space.
Kite’s twist handle paper bags include three standard sizes in medium or heavy duty, brown or white, in addition to wine bottle bags also available in either versatile colour. With the classic gusseted sides and block bottom, these retail paper bags exhibit great strength and functionality alongside their green credentials.