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Carrier bags (paper, degradable, perforated on a roll)

Carrier bags have been a focus for retailers and consumers alike in recent years, with a particular emphasis on the huge volumes in which they’re consumed and the consequential potential to harm the environment. From large supermarkets to high street shops, to market traders - carrier bags in all their forms have been a staple feature at the point of sale for many years and while legislation is changing attitudes to our usage of carrier bags there is still a large market for them and they are still a critical packaging product for many companies.

Kite Packaging is well known for our emphasis on our environmental credentials, this is clearly demonstrated by the range of carrier bags we offer for sale on our website.

Popular with many of our customers, who need carrier bags for their business, is our range of degradable vest style bags. Vest style refers to the traditional style of carrier bag we are all used to seeing in our local supermarket. Vest style carrier bags sold by Kite Packaging are made with very specific degradable properties and when considering that they routinely end up in the rubbish bin, and ultimately in a landfill site, they are the best style of carrier bag in our product range to help us all in our responsibility to look after the environment.

For similar environmental reasons, our paper carrier bags are purchased for their recyclable qualities and rather than end up in landfill they often make the way back into the recycle chain thanks to them being 100% recyclable.

We also sell a range of perforated bags on a roll. The largest size in this range of bags has a block bottom, loop handle design which is another familiar style of carrier bag. Perforated on a roll makes them easier to store and is a quick and efficient way of having carrier bags at your disposal.

Whatever your bag requirements and whatever it is you or your customers need to carry, you will find something suitable for your packaging needs in the Kite Packaging carrier bag range. Visit our product pages for more details on specification, sizes, prices and uses.