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  • 100% recyclable strong premium paper bags with strong twisted handles
  • A range of sizes available in white and brown
  • In medium duty and heavy duty kraft and white sulphite paper
  • Block base and gusseted sides
  • Popular for clothing, gifts and homewares

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What is a twist handle bag?

Our premium paper bags with twisted handles are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic and are 100% recyclable. The handles express reinforced strength thanks to the tight twisting of the paper material. As a result, they are very unlikely to break even when carrying relatively heavy loads. Therefore, the customer is able to comfortably carry around their purchases without fear of torn packaging, thus enhancing their entire experience with your brand and encouraging repeat sales. The bags feature a block bottom allowing them to stand rigidly and easily be filled with expandable gusseted sides for generous internal dimensions. Whether you sell gifts or groceries, these bags are a sustainable, strong and presentable choice sure to boost customer satisfaction.

What is the strength of paper bags?

We supply three different sizes of the retail bags in either medium duty 80gsm or heavy duty 100gsm in addition to three sizes of wine bottle bags which are 110gsm thick. Each style is sturdy and thus suitable for most common applications. These drinks carriers have a long and slender structure to snugly hold bottles, allowing them to stand upright on the block bottom where they are supported by the gusseted sides. Each style is available in either brown kraft or white sulphite paper. All varieties of this product are sold in pack sizes of 250, ideal for small businesses who may not have the requirement or storage space for large quantities of packaging. Furthermore, the paper bags are supplied flat packed to support this aim of conserving space. They could compactly be hung from a hook behind a shop till or market stall in this configuration, ready to be grabbed and expanded quickly at the point of purchase.

What are the advantages of paper bags?

The greatest advantages of choosing paper over the more traditional plastic are the environmental considerations. The white sulphite paper shopping bags are produced from 20% recycled paper and are fully recyclable while the brown paper carrier bags are made from 40% recycled paper and are also completely recyclable. Both colours of the bottle carrier bags are made from 90% recycled content. Therefore, the brown carrier bags have slightly higher green credentials but both carriers are plastic-free options for those wanting to minimise their environmental impact. By being easily kerbside recyclable, the material is fed back into the system and you are supporting the conservation of raw materials rather than increasing the troubling amount of waste being sent to landfill.

These eco-friendly bags will significantly enhance the branding of your establishment as customers are increasingly prioritising sustainability when choosing where to shop. Making a switch from plastic to paper will provide long-term marketing benefits. These bags are a great alternative for clients who do not need their branding printed onto their bags.

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Our brown and white twisted handle paper carrier bags

Our twisted handle paper bags are available in a range of sizes, white or brown. Our white bags are made from 80gsm (small) and 100gsm (medium/large) sulphite paper, our brown twist handle carriers are made from 80gsm (small) and 100gsm (medium/large) Kraft. Both are 100% recyclable. Perfect for market stalls, gift shops and retail, these block base paper bags can be propped up for ease of inserting goods and also folded back down flat to be reused or stored. All of these bags are manufactured with high quality material, meaning for a premium and professional look in any industry. Each size bag features a strong twisted handle, allowing them to withstand a variety of goods. Find your alternative to plastic and switch to paper bags today.