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Furniture bags

Furniture bags

If it's a house move, or simply to keep furniture protected, we stock a wide range of products to suit both public and trade.

Polythene furniture bags

Polythene furniture bags are used by both upholsterers and furniture manufacturers to protect furniture from dust and damage whilst in storage and in transit. Specifically designed to cover mattresses, sofas and armchairs, plastic furniture bags are an inexpensive way to protect what can be expensive items. Available in a range of useful sizes, our furniture bag covers are manufactured from light or heavy duty polythene which will not easily rip or tear. Polythene furniture bags are simple to use and easy to store, making them an ideal way to protect your furniture during a house move or whilst decorating.

Padded furniture protection

In addition to polythene furniture bags, we offer a selection of padded furniture bags and rolls of cushioned furniture guard for greater protection.

A favourite of the removal, haulage and antique industries, Jiffy furniture protection is a protective wrap that can be used time and again to prevent scrapes, scuffs and gouges.

We recommend choosing bubble blanket furniture bags for moving long distances, or if you are entrusting your belongings to a third party carrier. Our padded furniture bags are durable and hard wearing; the perfect furniture bags for storage. They are also suitable for occasions where multi-trip packaging is required, as the material is durable enough to withstand repeat trips.

Washing machine bags

Bubble washing machine covers are the fastest, simplest way to protect a washing machine from sustaining damage whilst in storage or in transit. Sold individually, a washing machine bag provides the best possible protection for your washing machines whilst moving home. For larger users such as removal firms, delivery and transport companies, these hard wearing, reusable washing machine bags are an essential part of your packing kit.