Gusseted bags

When it comes to finding the right protective bag for stock, it can sometimes prove difficult to find the right high quality packing bag that suits you. A gusseted bag can come in handy for all types of applications across a range of industries. Their 3-dimensional manufacture means they are able to package thicker, bulkier and larger products and their expandable capacity is useful for a variety of areas. Whether they have gusseted sides or a gusseted bottom, adjustable bags are great as their dimensions can be made larger by simply softly stretching the bag panels out to their full potential.

Our blue tint gusseted bags or box liners are ideal for anything containing water e.g. mechanical parts, food, industrial or agricultural products. They can be used alone or to line a box for shipping. Choose our furniture and mattress bags to protect your items during transit and storage. We have a suit of sizes, whether it’s a small, side gusseted gift bag for sweets you need or a larger gusseted shrink cover, we’ve got you covered.