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Side Gusseted Polypropylene Bags

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  • Open-top, clear gusseted bags
  • Made from 25 micron polypropylene, ideal for presentation
  • Sometimes referred to as 'cellophane' in some industry's such as confectioners
  • Perfect presentation packaging for gifts, confectionery products and small retail items
  • Available in four different sizes and can be heat-sealed
  • Gusseted design enables you to change the depth of the bag - see diagram on the left


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Width x Length Gusset Bags Per Pack Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
70 x 175 mm 100 mm 1000 4.2p 3.9p 3.7p Remove 1000 unitsAdd 1000 units
73 x 180 mm 108 mm 1000 5.2p 4.8p 4.4p Remove 1000 unitsAdd 1000 units
89 x 222 mm 127 mm 1000 6.8p 6.3p 5.8p Remove 1000 unitsAdd 1000 units
127 x 288 mm 201 mm 1000 12.0p 11.4p 10.9p Remove 1000 unitsAdd 1000 units

Our open-top gusseted polypropylene bags have a wide variety of uses. These clear cello bags are most often used for the attractive presentation of retail items, such as sweets, chocolates, scented candles and other gift items.

Our polypropylene gift bags are available in five different sizes and their gusseted side panels mean you are sure to find a variant which meets your business and/or personal packaging needs perfectly.

Manufactured from crystal clear 25 micron polypropylene (sometimes referred to as 'cellophane') and available in a range of sizes. These bags are also biodegradable.

These bags are gusseted. The dimensions in the table above show the width and length of the bags as well as the size of the gusset when fully extended.

Video: Gift Bags Demonstration Video
How to use gusseted bags to present gifts.

Our gift bags are available in a range of sizes for small point-of-sale goods.

Each bag is side-gusseted so the depth can be altered and the bag can stand up on its own.

To use simply place the items inside ensuring there is space left at the top to seal it.

These bags are suitable for confectionary, gifts and small retail items.

To secure, these bags can be tied or secured with a heat sealer. Remember to use a low setting when sealing bags using this method.

A heat sealer will ensure a tamper-proof seal for your products, which is discreet and won’t spoil the look of the bag.