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  • 100% recyclable and carbon neutral clear garment bags to protect clothes
  • Protects garments from dust, dirt and other environmental factors
  • Crafted from naturally grown sugarcane fiber: a non-edible by-product that would otherwise be discarded
  • Grease and water-resistant properties to ensure garments arrive in pristine condition
  • Feature a self-adhesive seal strip and warning print

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Eco garment bags

What is a garment bag?

A clear bag purchasable as boxed singles, garment bags feature a self-adhesive strip enabling you to securely seal the contents without the need of any additional tape or staples. For safety, we include perforations and a warning notice printed onto the material.

What are the primary uses?

Designed for fabric items such as shirt and tie ensembles or t-shirts, garment bags present goods in an attractive flat-lay format that can even be used by retailers on shop floors. Wholesalers will also require clothing protection to keep clothing immaculate throughout all stages of transport, demonstrating the importance of this packaging for maintaining cleanliness. By using these bags, businesses promote good hygiene by protecting the clothes against dust, dirt and any bacteria transferred by handlers; the contents are fully preserved.

How does the quality compare to standard garment bags?

Green resources are only effective if they provide the same degree of usability as the substance they aim to replace. Sugarcane polymers boast the same strength and durability as standard bags, making this a sustainable swap that does not compromise functionality. This packaging fully satisfies the requirements of a garment cover by guarding against water damage, grease and the transfer of any dirt or dust from the environment onto the item while reliably carrying the weight of most garments. The contents will arrive in pristine condition, increasing the reputability of your brand while demonstrating an environmental awareness through your packaging. Sugarcane products represent the peak of current sustainable technology; make the switch to show your company’s support for the latest innovations and eco-friendly initiatives.

Why use sugarcane for packaging?

The polymer used to create these bags is non-edible and hence, has not before been considered useful when harvesting sugarcane. Therefore, using it to create packaging diverts it from incineration, making sugarcane a valuable reclaimed resource that is highly renewable. During the growing process, sugarcane removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, hence offsetting the carbon emitted through transport and production. It is both carbon neutral and doesn’t involve the use of any fossil fuels, hence directly combatting some of the largest contributors to environmental damage.

How do I recycle it?

It is easy to recycle sugarcane products in the same way you would normally recycle. This enables the garment protection to be put back into the recycling process and reused, minimising production emissions further. These bags are not biodegradable or compostable.

Video: Eco garment bags
A demonstration on our eco garment bags.