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  • High quality 30 micron (120 gauge) polythene for a clear appearance and improved strength
  • 38mm lip with two holes punched in for easy dispensing from the wicket
  • A metal wicket with 3 to 4 inch spokes to dispense bags from
  • Plastic grommets holding the bags in place when not in use
  • 500 bags per wicket to suit high volume throughput
  • Subject to a manufacturing tolerance on the dimensions of +/-3% or +/-3mm (which ever is the greater) and +/-10% on material thickness


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Width x Length Wicket details Bags Per Pack Price Per Packs Enter No. Of Packs
150 x 254 mm Wicketed in 500s
3 inch wickets
4500 £47.84 £45.14 £42.85 £41.95 Remove 1 PackAdd 1 Pack
228 x 304 mm Wicketed in 500s
4 inch wickets
3000 £52.63 £49.98 £47.95 £46.90 Remove 1 PackAdd 1 Pack

Wicketed Bags

Kite Packaging’s range of wicketed bags have been designed to suit busy bagging and dispatch areas, due to their quick and easy dispensing feature. The bags’ clear appearance makes them ideal for retail environments such as supermarkets and for packaging small goods ready for shipping. The bags are manufactured from 30 micron (120 gauge) thick polythene, making them slightly stronger than our standard clear light duty polythene bags and feature a 38mm lip with two punched in holes that fit over two metal spokes or wickets as they are described in our industry. Our wicketed bags are available in 3 different sizes – up to 16.1 inches long and two variants of wicket lengths including 3 and 4 inch spokes.

The bags can be sealed in a variety of ways, most commonly a heat sealer is applied to create a professional seal that is secure and tamper proof, other alternatives include a bag neck sealing method or using cable ties. Our wicketed bags are supplied in a box with the wicket ends facing upwards and are secured by a plastic grommet.

About wicketed bags

Wicketed bags get their name from simply the wire bracket they are dispensed from, called a wicket, which features two metal spokes to hold a stack of bags in place and act as a useful dispensing tool. Our wicketed bags also include plastic grommets which hold the bags in place when they are not in use. Wicketed bags are made from a light yet strong polythene material, and are most popular in the food industry for use as bread bags, general food bags, bagel bags, meat bags and for fresh produce. They are also ideal for packaging spare parts, pans and other retail goods.

The bags are supplied in stacks of 500, which is double the industry standard of 250, are side welded and each have two holes punched in the top lip of the bag. Dimensions are shown as Width x Length. Each bag can then be slid of the spokes or pulled off for an even quicker dispatch operation; they therefore work well in a variety of packaging operations from fully automatic to manual set-ups.

Typically wicket bags need to be mounted on to a metal plate and fixed to a wall or sturdy structure, this allows them to be displayed better to aid the packing operation and to withstand the force from regular dispensing. Our wicketed bags feature a rectangular bracket at the back of the pack which can be mounted on to a strong hook (see images). Another popular method for mounting wicketed bags is by mounting them to a blower, which forces air in to each bag to make it open and allow products to be packed more quickly. The packaged item can then be removed from the wicket and the next bag blown open.