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Solid Board Boxes (Paper Ream Boxes)

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  • Paper ream solid board boxes typically used to store paper-based products
  • Made from 650 micron solid board
  • Composed of a collapsible base and lid
  • Available in both brown and white and suitable for a number of products
  • Corners glued to ensure box stays secure when filled
  • Supplied flat ready for you to assemble in seconds


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Dimensions Boxes
Price Per Box Enter No. Of Boxes
305 x 216 x 56 mm
White, A4 Size
100 £1.40 £1.22 £1.12 95.7p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
305 x 216 x 56 mm
Brown, A4 Size
100 41.0p 36.0p 33.1p 28.5p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units

Comprised of 650 micron board, our A4-sized solid board boxes – also known as ‘paper ream boxes’ or ‘printer’s boxes’ – are provided flat packed and can be erected in a matter of seconds. Although these boxes comprise convenient collapsible bases and lids, you can rely on their strength when filled thanks to their glued corners and “A” grade paper quality.

These boxes – available in brown and white – are typically for the storage and retail of many items such as paper-based goods, but can also be used for the storage of electronic components, clothing, gifts and so much more.

The corners are glued to ensure the box stays together when filled. Supplied flat, these boxes can be made up in seconds.

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